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The only software that fully converts XYZ into MESH now exports directly into Microsoft Excel and CAD DXF!

fullanimationIf you have tried to take X Y Z data and graph it three dimensionally inside of Microsoft Excel you know that Excel’s graphing capabilities are quite limited. With XYZ Mesh you can convert and copy your data directly into Excel’s native format of MESH, Surface/Wireline Graph or 3D Line/Scatter Plot and even export them directly into Microsoft Excel and CAD. XYZ Mesh will also preview 3D MESH Wireline Graphs, Scatter Charts and 3D Line Graphs all within itself.

XYZ Mesh does not have a maximum row in X Y Z or MESH data input. The preset value for X Y Z data is 2,500 rows while MESH is 250 (Microsoft Excel’s maximum column/row limit). These numbers can be changed and adjusted to allow for customizable conversions.

Convert Data Type Options

Previously XYZ Mesh was only used for converting X Y Z data into MESH. With the latest version that has all changed. Version 4.1 can convert X Y Z into MESH, X Y Z into 3D Scatter Plots, Graph 3D MESH data, gather X Y Z data from MESH, curve MESH data and much more!

The latest version also comes with the ability to export all converted data directly into Microsoft Excel and your favorite CAD DXF viewer. When exporting documents into Microsoft Excel there is a built-in option for customizing exports with information about the data, client and even your business. A single click can generate custom Surface Plots, Wireline Plots, Surface Contours, Wireline Contours and 3D Line Graphs inside of Microsoft Excel using only XYZ data. XYZ Mesh also comes with the ability to add ‘theoretical points’ to your Excel document. Theoretical points allow Excel to graph surface plots with far greater accuracy and fewer data gaps.

Check out some of our Excel exported samples!

Excel 3-D Surface  – Excel 3-D Wireline   – Excel Contour

Version 4.1.1 has the new ability to export DXF files directly into your CAD viewer!


X Y Z to MESH Conversion Sample

Converted Mesh

Original Data

Above Wireline Graph was produced in XYZ Mesh.

Converted Mesh

Download XYZ Mesh Excel Example

Above Surface Graphs were produced in Microsoft Excel.

XYZ Mesh v4 brings many new features to this already useful tool. These features include:

Export Directly Into CAD with DXF Format
Export Directly Into Excel
Theoretical Data Points
3D MESH Graphing
Point Selection
Convert MESH to X Y Z
Upgraded MESH Curving Calculations and Speed Increases
No limit on input
Print, save and export 3D graphs
Upgraded CSV Export
User Manual Update


Conversion Possibilities

X Y Z MESH (single)
X Y Z MESH (curve)
MESH (single) X Y Z
MESH (curve) X Y Z
MESH (single) MESH (curve)
X Y Z 3D Scatter Plot
Lat/Lon X Y Z

Version 4 Graphing Capabilities
  • 3D Wireline MESH Plot
  • 3D Line Graph
  • 3D Scatter Plot
  • 5 Color Variant (depth/height)
  • Spline, Fast Line, Bubble and Line
  • Point Size/Color
  • Line Width/Color
  • Pan, Rotate and Zoom
  • X Y Z Data Points Selective Display

Things to Know

  • No software can auto fill XYZ into MESH with 100% accuracy. If the conversion is not possible with the given information XYZ Mesh will convert the numbers to the furthest possible point.
  • The above Surface Graphs were generated in Microsoft Excel. XYZ Mesh can generate Wireline MESH Graphs, but not Surface Plots.
  • The more data points given the more accurate MESH conversions will be.
  • XYZ Mesh will not convert data with ‘0’ entries. XYZ Mesh will automatically change these values from “0” to “0.0001”.
  • To generate and produce Microsoft Excel documents with XYZ Mesh you will need to have a supported versions of Microsoft Excel installed on your computer.
  • If MESH data is not graphing properly, disable the X, Y, Z and Ground Level from being displayed. This error occurs when the origin (0, 0, 0) is focused away from the converted MESH data.

XYZ Mesh was the first commercial program specifically made to convert XYZ data into Microsoft Excel formatted MESH data.

Try XYZ Mesh today and see why it is Gray Technical’s #1 best selling product!

Check out this Blog Post and how XYZ Mesh will save valuable time in graphing, surveying, metrology and managing XYZ and MESH data!

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Click here to download the manual

Download Example Excel 3-D Surface MESH (with charts)

System Requirements


15MB HD Space

1 Ghz processor

512MB Memory

Windows OS

.Net Framework 4 or higher

Tested Excel Export

Office 2007

Office 2010

Office 365

Office 2016

Tested and Running on

Windows XP

(.Net Framework 4)

Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows 8.1

Windows 10

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