Slide Man – AutoCAD Slide Library Manager – Manage Create Slide Libraries

Slide Man LogoThe AutoCAD® DOS based SLIDELIB utility allows you to create a slide library (SLB) from a collection of slides (SLD) and an input file. But its capabilities stop there.  To create and manage slide libraries requires additional functionality.  Our Windows based Slide Management tool will provide that functionality and change the way you work with slides and slide libraries.

Our Slide Manager will allow you to:

  • Add a slide to a library.
  • Delete a slide from a library.
  • Rename a slide in a library.
  • Extract slides from a library to individual files.
  • Preview slides in libraries or individual SLD files.
  • Create new libraries.
  • Print a slide library data report.
  • Subtract slides contained in other libraries.
  • Merge other libraries with the current library.
  • Overlay other libraries with the current library.
  • Use a recycle bin for temporary storage.

    Slide Man works with all AutoCAD and Compatibles.

Slide Man v3.0 Update


Updates include:

  • Complete rewrite for compatibility with modern Windows versions.
  • Updated icons and new silver background.
  • Resizeable window allows for larger slide previews.
  • Print sends a report (now includes thumbnail) to your browser ready for printing.

SlideMan Previous Version

Slide Manager 2.0 shown above

(before update)

User Comments

“I’ve been working with AutoCAD since release 11 and have always had an ordeal creating slide libraries. Now the project is running full speed and any new adds are only a matter of seconds. I can create a slide and have it saved in a working library in less than a minute.  ABSOLUTELY AWESOME PROGRAM!!!  SlideMan is what AutoCAD should of been able to do as soon as it hit Windows.”

– Todd Winn, Thermal Windows, Inc.

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Click here to download the PDF manual

System Requirements

3.5mb hard drive space

1.6 Ghz Processor

512 MB Memory

.Net Framework 2.0 or higher

Product Support: Email Support Only

Tested and Running on

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows 8.1

Windows 10