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Log Evolve is a graph digitizer, originally created to aid in the digitizing of very large charts (known as logs) in the geology field. With Log Evolve you can take still images like scans or downloaded image files of graphs and convert them directly into tangible data. You can export all of this data in three options, Excel Format, CSV Data Table Format or Compressed Zip Format. Log Evolve is backwards compatible with 32bit Windows XP machines that have the .Net Framework 4 update.

Log Evolve can digitize many formats of small, large, horizontal or vertical graphs and charts. Its built-in AI Unit can automatically adjust the values of the viewable image when the graph is moved. This in return will allow the user to graph a portion of the image, move the digitizer to another section, and continue the digitization without compromising data.

Log Evolve Can Digitize
  • Bubble Charts
  • Line Charts
  • Scatter Plots
  • Bar Graphs
  • Column Graphs
  • Spline Images
  • Step Line Graphs
  • Logarithmic Scale Logs
  • And more!

With Log Evolve You Can Customize
  • Data Point Colors
  • Line Options
  • Tops Names and Colors
  • Customizable export fields
    • Names, Emails And more!

Custom field options on Log Evolve
  • AI Point Detection System
  • Tablet and Touch Screen Functionality
  • Load TIF, JPG, PNG, BMP and others
  • CSV, ZIP and Excel export
  • Saved Image Exports
  • Photo Editing Capabilities
  • Low Resource Pull
  • And more!

Rotatoin of Graph in Log Evolve

Creating the tangible data is very easy and simple. Within only a couple clicks you can open an image, draw a graph and start digitizing. And with the aid of the AI called ‘Chart Synchronization’ you can easily convert a multi thousand foot log in a matter of minutes.

With the newest v1.2.2 update you can now digitize logarithmic scaled logs. Logarithmic scaled graphs can be vertical or horizontal with logarithmic calculations on either the X or Y axis. Please note that when combining the AI with a logarithm graph you will need to lock the axis in which the logarithm is using to prevent exponential data growth.

The digitized information can be exported in ZIP format for reading on other computers with Log Evolve, exported to a CSV comma delimited table, or exported directly into Microsoft Excel. With the capability to export directly into Excel, Log Evolve can easily convert data points into editable cell blocks, image files, and embed all of those into the standard .XLSX file that everyone uses. This means that with your export anyone with Microsoft Office Excel version 2007 and above can read and write to it.


Log Evolve has been tested to run on Microsoft Office Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 and 365.

Log Evolve also has the possibility to save your current progress in to a Zip file and pick it right back up where you left off. The Zip file is not proprietary or locked so all the information inside is completely open and can be read from many different devices.

AI Point Detection SystemExcel Export in Log Evolveadding points

Download the User Manual Here

For an example of the file exports download

Sample Export Excel or the Sample Project File



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  • 2 Ghz Processor
  • 2 GB Ram
  • 100MB Storage Free
Tested and Runs on

Below are some promotional YouTube video on Log Evolve

Tutorial Video of Log Evolve v1.2.2

Log Evolve v.1.2.2 Logarithm Update with Features

Tutorial Video of Log Evolve v1.2.2 with Logarithm Graph