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Stuck trying to figure out what to do with those old custom AutoCAD CUIX files that now have icons with a gray background, instead of a transparency? Cuix Tools was created just for that purpose, with a couple of added tools that make it the go-to program for all of your CUIX editing needs.

Cuix Tools was designed to convert CUIX files with the old AutoCAD transparent RGB standard (192, 192, 192) into the new AutoCAD transparency. Cuix Tools will automatically replace all old RGB transparency values in your custom CUIX file with a true transparency, which was adopted in AutoCAD 2017. After converting the RGB into a transparent PNG Cuix Tools will then convert all of your old references as well, leaving you with no overlapping data or cross-references to the old icon files.

But Cuix Tools can do much more than just convert old AutoCAD toolbars, ribbons and menus into the new 2017 standard.

Cuix tools can:
  • Export files
  • Import files
  • Transfer files between two opened CUIX sources
  • Preview images before and after transparency conversion
  • Preview images and documents in other CUIX files
  • Custom RGB color conversion or transparency
  • Edit contained PNG, JPG and BMP files
  • Edit contained XML, CUI, RELS and TXT documents
  • View contained files in explorer folder
  • View content live in windows browser
  • Save edited CUIX documents
  • Backup converted CUIX documents into BAK files
  • Automatically check CUIX documents for icons

But most of all, save you valuable time!

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Why waste your valuable time converting each bitmap image by hand when Cuix Tools can do it for you? Turn a project that would normally take days into one that would be finished in just seconds. Save your time and put it where it really pays off.

Let Cuix Tools bring your outdated custom CUIX files back up-to-date and ready for AutoCAD 2017.

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System Requirements

2mb hard drive space

.Net Framework 4.5 or higher

Product Support: Email Support Only

Tested and Running on

Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows 8.1

Windows 10

Click here to view the PDF manual


  • Cuix Tools does not support images contained in resource dll’s
  • Cuix Tools was created to convert custom PARTIAL CUIX files with CUSTOM icons. If you are using another method of creating CUIX files (which is not recommended by AutoDesk) Cuix Tools might produce a corrupt file. ALL ICONS will be converted and can then be transferred to/from your CUIX file for manual upload if this happens.
  • As of AutoCAD 2010 and later, images are stored as part of the CUIX file. Cuix Tools was created with this standard in mind. It is not recommended by AutoDesk to keep your icons separate from your CUIX files. If you do choose to do so however Cuix Tools can still be used to convert, import, export, view and edit your icons and other files for you.